Tidy Towns

Tidy Towns Competition 2012

Pallaskenry entered this competition in Category B and achieved a total of 216 marks out of a possible 400 marks.  The judging took place under the following headings and the following are some of the judges observations:

The Built Environment

The cut limestone building of the Catholic Church was admired together with the raised landscaping area to the side. The Stone Buildings in the area of the Post office were admired.  The Credit Union building presented well and was very neat and tidy. Some very good painting as taken place in Pallaskenry in recent times especially at the northern end of the village. Derelict or closed buildings are a problem in Pallaskenry. Basic low-cost cosmetic work can make a big difference.


Three key landscaped areas were visited, the Millennium Stone area is excellently presented and maintained as is the area at the junction of the Grand Gates and Main Street. The third area near Ross Choll was also well presented. Throughout the village residents have provided colourful hanging baskets and window boxes to great effect. improvement works were also noted in front of St. Mary’s Terrace.

Litter Control

The regular litter picks are part of the litter control practice and this is welcomed.  Litter was evident on the Kilcornan  and Ballysteen roads. In the core of the village litter control was excellent.

Residential Areas

On the Kilcornan road the houses are nicely set back and generally well presented. St. Mary’s Terrace was also visited and this estate is being well maintained.  Cluain Mhuire looks very bare and would be enhanced by the planting of some native trees. The houses on the Ballysteen road lack a colour range. In contrast good colour variation adds much to the overall impact at An Curran.  At Ross Choll weed growth in gravel and kerbing needs attention.

General Impression

Do consider adopting a strategic approach to your work in the years ahead as Pallaskenry has  good future potential in the competition. Good luck with your work in the year ahead when we look forward to returning to Pallaskenry.

Bloom and Tidy Towns Competition

Judging will commence shortly for these two competitions. The tidy towns subcommittee members have been hard at work over the past few weeks and this commitment has made the village  very pleasant and pleasing to the eye.  The village and the environs are looking very well at the moment with great summer colour.  Limerick County Council recently replaced the old trash bins with new contemporary ones. These bins add greatly to the street scape and it is hoped that they will prevent littering on the village streets. Residents and business are encouraged to keep the outside of their buildings in good order to enhance the beauty of the village. Watch out for those judges and keep our village looking beautiful.

Litter pick

A litter pick of Pallaskenry village and the local roads will take place on Saturday the 28th April. Litter pickers are asked to meet at the Community Centre at 11am where they will be issued with all necessary equipment. Litter pickers are advised to wear a reflective vest whilst litter picking.  Together we can make our area cleaner and better place to live in.

Forge Field Green area

On Saturday 25th February 2012 the residents of Forge Fields and Cluain Mhuire Estates come together and did a big clean up of the green public area in Forge fields.  The sun was shining when the many residents young and not so young come out in force to attack this area which had become over grown with weeds and briars.  The residents equipped themselves with clippers and shears and strong gloves.  They cleared the area of the this unsightly wilderness and revealed the beautiful stone wall.  Tom O’Connell was on hand with his trailer and removed the debris.  The area is looking much better and this great work will enhance this beautiful green area for all to enjoy.  Many thanks to all who turned out to give of their time and energies to this very worthwhile pierce of work.

Tidy Towns litter pick.

On Saturday the 18th February 2012 the Tidy towns committee organised a litter pick. Twenty volunteers turned up at the Community Centre.  Siobhan O’Connell was on hand and issued volunteers with the bags, gloves and pickers.  Volunteers set to the roads of the village and its environs and commenced  to a big clean up.  Within three hours over forty bags of litter was collected and deposited and the Community Centre for collection by Limerick Council.   Pallaskenry is in fine shape as the spring growth begins.  A big word of thanks to all who turned out and gave of their time and energies to enhance the beauty of the place we all live in. The committee will be undertaking other work over the coming weeks and if  you are interested in getting involved please contact any of the committee members.


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