Pallaskenry Plan 2012

On Monday 23 April 2012 Pallaskenry Community Council launched its community enhancement plan. The plan which was part funded by West Limerick Resources Ltd. was prepared by O’Leary & Associates training & Consultancy Ltd.

The purpose of the plan is to promote and support community initiatives aimed at improving the character and amenity of the village and surrounding area. It will also be used as a platform for the various community based organisations to approach various funding organisations to develop projects in the community. The Plan was developed over a number of months and involved a consultation process with the community, sports and voluntary organisations, school and external organisation such as Limerick County Council and West Limerick resources. The enhancement plan focuses on the development of facilities for sport, young people and for general community use. The plan provides recommendations for the development of community facilities, a community playground and options around the developement of Ringmoylan Pier. Other recommendations focus on upgrades of infrastructure such as footpaths, lighting, signage and supporting tidy towns initiatives. According to the consultants Pallaskenry is a village which has being developed over the years but yet has maintained its rural character with limited impact on the visual amenity of the area.  There is strong community and voluntary structure in the village and the village is well served with recreation, sports and educational facilities close to the village core. There is a strong sporting and scouting tradition in the village.  The village and surrounding country side could be described as a walker’s paradise with 3 looped walking routes and the proximity of the Shannon estuary and Ringmoylan Pier offers more opportunities for walkers.  Area that need to be addressed include the provision of youth space for younger people in the community and improvements to infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and signage were also highlighted.

The enhancement plan provides a framework under which the recommended actions can be developed and financed. With the support of the community council and the wider community the actions recommended will lead to the enhancement of Pallaskenry as a place to live and work into the future. This plan can be viewed by clicking on the link below.



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